The proficient Engineers have collaborated with this brand to revamp the hire Engineers online industry completely. Some of the finest ex-Facebook and Google Engineers have joined this hiring portal. After getting screened through the intense hiring process only the best of the best Engineers are hired by us.

Pointers of our Partnership Deal

  1. Only selected global Engineers.
  2. Fully equipped and experienced former Facebook, Uber and Google Engineers.
  3. A week-long sprint session is organized before hiring remote Engineers to ensure that Engineers possess all the vital skills to provide excellent remote services under the fast-paced startup culture. To hire Engineers for a startup, we follow a detailed hiring process.
  4. A variety of Engineers and engineers can be hired from a single portal – hire iOS app Engineers, hire android Engineers, hire magento Engineers, hire Wordpress Engineers and so on.
  5. You are paying for the services that you are using only. No, extra charges will be claimed by us.
  6. This is the place to hire Engineers US because our staff works in the US time zone.
  7. You can work with our Engineers as you please – hourly, full time or part-time.
  8. Find the right candidates instantly without waiting for months.

Process of Hiring the Best Engineers and Engineers

  1. Our interview process is not less difficult than Google or Facebook. In the test, we access multiple skills of Engineers from algorithms to project planning skills.
  2. Home projects are given to Engineers so that their remote working skills can be accessed properly. The detailed report is generated based on the candidate's performance for your review.
  3. Under the realistic environment, a week-long sprint is organized to examine remote working and communication skills.
  4. Engineers are tested on the proactive self-assessment grounds so that they can work independently.
  5. Merely, 1% of the applicants are sufficient enough to pass our tests.

Who are We?

  • We are a remote hiring company based in Palo Alto, California founded by Stanford Alum, Jonathan and Vijay.
  • This automated remote hiring company is a brainchild of Jonathan and Vijay who have introduced AI into the hiring process. With their platform, they aim to beat the Engineers of Google and Facebook like big tech companies.
  • It is a Venture Investors company in which numerous tech investors have invested.
  • Angel Investors belongs to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon.
  • Presently, our Engineers are partnered with giant tech companies working in Silicon Valley, New York, Florida, etc., Different types of B2B companies are partnered with use like AdTech, EduTech, FinTech, and other sectors.

Excited to Hire Passionate Remote Engineers? Just Follow Steps

  1. Just provide relevant information about your brand and the Engineers requirements that you wish to hire.
  2. Schedule a starting process call with our experts.
  3. Review all the professionals that we have shortlisted as per your requirements and make your decision.
  4. You can start a two-week risk-free trial instantly.
  5. Get feedback from our experts during the trial period and tie heads with us for the long term collaboration.