Upwork Vs. Freelancer Vs. Cloudlabs247: Better Platform to Hire Remote Developers?

Upwork Vs Freelancer Vs Cloudlabs247

The work landscape is changing today. Due to the pandemic and many other economic and technical factors, freelancing is becoming the new way to work. In fact, the global freelance market size is projected to reach $6.7 billion by 2025.

On top of it, Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Leidos, and many other companies are hiring remote workers today.

So, here if you are also planning to hire remote developers for your organization, your first step will be to reach the online job boards. That’s because you can hire competent remote engineers on these platforms with ease.

But there’s too much confusion! You see, folks, you will find numerous remote employee hiring websites online today that will overwhelm you. So, to clear some of your confusion, this post will compare three leading platforms — Upwork, Freelance, and CloudLabs247.

So, let’s see which one of these three platforms are perfect for advertising Remote Developers for Hire job post right now.

Upwork vs. Freelancer vs. CloudLabs247 — The Perfect Platform to Hire Remote Developers 

A brief introduction 

Upwork is a global freelancing platform where millions of different vendors and freelancers are registered. The company’s present headquarter is in Mountain View, California, US. Upwork is founded by StratisKaramanklakis and OdysseasTsatalos in 2015 before it was called Elance and oDesk.

Freelancer platform was founded in 2009 by Matt Barrie. The company’s main headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia. However, Freelancer.com also has branch offices in California, London, Vancouver, Manila, and Jakarta.

CloudLabs247 is a relatively new platform to hire remote engineers. It is the brainchild of two Stanford Alum’s Jonathan and Vijay. The company was founded in 2020 with headquarters in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Job Finding

On Upwork, freelancers can create a free account, and they get 60 coins monthly to apply for jobs. For more coins, you have to upgrade your membership. Also, Upwork first approves your profile; only then you can start applying for jobs.

Freelancer also has the same structure. Here free members get six bids per month, whereas paid members can get 15 to 50 bids per month. However, anyone can make an account on Freelancer without any approval.

CloudLabs247 only allows competent and experienced developers to work with them. In fact, all CloudLabs247 engineers are ex-Google, Amazon, or Microsoft employees. After passing highly advanced tests, only 1% of applicants get a chance to get a job on the platform.

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Process to hire remote engineers

For clients, both Upwork and Freelacer.com have many issues. Foremost, clients have to screen numerous applicants before selecting a freelancer. Secondly, there’s no guarantee that the person you are hiring can handle the job perfectly. Also, both platforms offer no support to the clients to hire the best remote engineers.

On the contrary, CloudLabs247 is specifically designed to help clients. Therefore, you will only find fully screened engineers who have years of experience in the field on this platform. Additionally, you will get a professional recruiter who will understand your requirements and find the right person for your project accordingly.

Fee structure

Upwork has a fee structure based on freelancer earnings from a single client. For instance, on your first $500 earned from a client, they will charge you 20%. After the first $500, charges will drop to 10%, and once your earnings from a client reach $10,000, you will be only charged 5%.

Freelancer.com’s fee structure is a bit different. They charge the same fee regardless of the amount you have earned over time. For hourly projects, you’ll be charged a 10% flat fee, and for services, that will be 20%. Also, if you don’t log into your account for six months or more, you have to pay a $10 per month maintenance fee.

CloudLabs247 doesn’t charge freelancers anything. Yep, if you are an experienced and qualified engineer who can pass the high metric test, you can easily work with the platform. However, the screening test is quite difficult, so you have to prepare well.

A dedicated place to hire remote developers 

Upwork and Freelancer.com aren’t dedicated platforms to hire remote engineers. Both portals are generic freelancer hiring places where you can find all types of freelancers, including developers. So, it’s hard to predict how many developers are available on Upwork and Freelancer.com.

CloudLabs247 is a dedicated place to find highly qualified engineers. The site only deals with remote engineers and developers, so you can find suitable candidates here without any hassle.

User interface 

Upwork has a quite nice user interface with easy-to-navigate options on the site. For a freelancer, an easy job posting tab is available to access client’s information such as reviews, ratings, open jobs, etc. For a client-side, easy job posting and also assistance in job posting features are available.

Freelancer’s interface is a little congested with multiple categories and subcategories. Also, on the site, several features, promotional widgets, and paid plans are available. Additionally, the font size and filtering system are slower than Upwork and CloudLabs247.

Talking about CloudLabs247’s, it is pretty clean and crisp. You can find six categories boldly highlighted on the homepage — Database, Salesforce, iOS/Android, Python, POC, and Team Augmentation engineers. Just simply click on any category and hire competent remote developers easily.

Assistance and support

You can find easy support on the Upwork site. You can use the phone, live chat, tickets, and FAQs to connect with the team for any queries. Plus, you can also find relevant information on Upwork blogs and tutorial videos.

Freelancer also offers good support and assistance services. Here you can find email support, live chat, and FAQs support.

On CloudLabs247, you can also accept immediate assistance by email or contact us form on the site. Additionally, they regularly publish informative blogs to guide freelancers and recruiters.

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Which Platform Wins?

To be honest, all three platforms have some strong and some weak points. For instance, Upwork and Freelancer both have a large user base with a variety of jobs. On the contrary, when you are looking for a dedicated platform to hire remote engineers, CloudLabs247 is the best.

So, depending upon your requirements, you can use the right portal to hire remote developers for your next project. All in all, both three platforms are great places to find freelancers today!

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