Toptal vs. Arc vs. Cloudlabs247 — From Where To Hire Remote Engineers?

Toptal vs. Arc vs. Cloudlabs247

Around 28.8 million small business owners have to debug or code their website/mobile app at some. For small businesses, it isn’t financially feasible to hire in-house developers to meet their technical needs.

Therefore, they hire remote engineers to get a high caliber of technical assistance at affordable rates. Today, when over 35% of the US workforce consists of freelancers and remote workers, businesses have numerous opportunities to hire remote developers.

On the top, remote staff hiring platforms like Toptal, Arc, Cloudlabs247, and many others have simplified the ‘remote developers for hire’ process. However, sometimes too many options create confusion and make it hard for businesses to pick the best remote developers hiring platform.

To clear confusion, we are today going to compare three leading platforms—Toptal vs. Arc vs. Cloudlabs247. So, without any ado, let’s read from where you can hire remote engineers quickly.

Quick Overview — What Are They?

Before dwelling further, have a small overview of the three platforms and understand what makes them stand out?


It is a global platform to hire remote developers, product managers, designers, and other technical experts. Toptal was founded by Taso Du Val, Adam D’Angelo, and Andreessen Horowitz.

The portal is value-driven, so an intense screening process is used to choose the best candidates. Additionally, Toptal consultants will only connect you with the candidates who suit your requirements.


Arc aka is a dedicated network for freelancer developers founded by Weiting Liu. It was formerly called CodementorX. Also, Arc follows a hard screening process to acquire the top talented developers. The onsite consultation helps businesses in hiring the right person as per their needs.


Cloudlabs247 is a niche-specific platform to hire remote developers. Stanford Alum—Jonathan and Vijay founded the California based company. They have a fully automated hiring process with ‘AI.’

With support from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon angel investors, Cloudlabs247 is vetting highly qualified engineers through AI technology and a week-long screening process.  This portal allows you to hire elite ex-Google, Facebook, and Amazon developers in different niches such as Python developers, salesforce engineers, etc.

Talent Scouting Process — Only The Best

The vetting process is highly essential to consider—when you want the best remote developers for hire. How a platform select their talent pool makes a great difference? All three platforms follow a very intense screening process so you can hire remote engineers meeting your high tech needs.


Toptal’s first screening phase starts with the language and personality test to analyze the communication skills of an applicant. In the second phase, the applicant’s technical, intellectual, and problem-solving capabilities are tested in real-time.

The applicants who pass the first two phases are called for the live screen, where domain-specific experts evaluate skills through live exercises. Lastly, a handful of shortlisted applicants are given a pilot project to complete under a strict timeline. Toptal’s multilayered vetting process can only be crossed by 3% of applicants.


Arc’s developers’ selection is also multiphase. The developers have to cross four hard stages to become an Arc team member. And only 1.1% of professionals can pass the Arc’s eligibility test.

Firstly, the core language-specific and coding knowledge of the applicants are tested. A behavioral interview is hosted to analyze technical expertise, experience, communication, and project management skills in the second step.

Applicants who survive the interview round then have to demonstrate their skills via real-world problems. Finally, domain-specific peer conducts an interview to access applicants’ technical knowledge.


Cloudlabs247’s selection process isn’t less hard than Google or Facebook. That’s why only 1% of engineers can pass it. Foremost, they assign a home project to applicants that showcase their communication, remote working, and programming skills. Next, they draw a compact performance report based on the project.

Process of Hiring the Best Remote Engineers

The highly qualified engineers who receive top scores in-home project round, only given the opportunity to go through a week-long sprint test. Cloudlabs247 niche-specific experts give engineers multiple challenges for a whole week, and those who survive hard crunching only become their team members.

Selection Process — Lets Hire Remote Engineers

It is very important to select suitable developers from the best talent pools as per your project requirements, budget, and other factors. On all three platforms, you can hire remote developers pretty smoothly.


To hire a Toptaler, you have to submit your job requirements with them. They encourage users to share detailed job descriptions for better results. Within a few days, Toptal’s recruitment experts will find the perfect candidate based on your information.

You can immediately start a risk-free trial with the recommended remote developer. Unfortunately, if you aren’t satisfied with the developer’s work, you’ll be given the opportunity to work with another developer without extra charges.


Arc has a simple three-step selection process—request, interview, and hire. You have to first send your job request to Arc. Then, they’ll search for the best matching candidates from their talent pool. You’ll be allowed to interview shortlisted candidates by Arc.

Averagely, within two interviews, you’ll find your developer. Lastly, you have to get a new remote team member onboard as Arc will handle all paperwork.


Cloudlabs247 is a dedicated place to hire ex-Uber, Google, and Facebook developers. Once you share your remote developer requirements with their recruitment experts, they’ll use an AI algorithm to find the best suitable engineers for you.

You can interview shortlisted engineers to gain full satisfaction. However, if you are first time hiring a remote developer, Cloudlabs247 consultants will stay by your side throughout the selection process. So, you’ll receive their expert feedback continuously. Additionally, they offer a two weeks risk-free trial—this way; you can test the capabilities of the developers before hiring them.


To hire remote developers, all three portals are very helpful and effective. They have a selective team, experienced recruiters, and technical experts in their teams. However, it completely depends upon your preferences—which platform you pick?

One noteworthy thing here is, Toptal isn’t a niche-specific platform, so you might not find a large number of developers on it. On the contrary, Arc might be niche-specific; they don’t offer Google and Facebook level professionals. Overall, to hire remote engineers, Cloudlabs247 is the right solution. But, the rest depends upon you!

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