Striking Impact of Mobile Apps on your Business Growth! Time to Hire a Dedicated Mobile App Developer

Striking Impact of Mobile Apps on your Business Growth

A few years back, if someone had said that a mobile app could book a cab or order food for you. You wouldn’t have believed it!

But it is now how your life works or will work. As Matt Galligan, Co-Founder of Circa, quotes —

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”

There was a time when only brands like Harrods, Walmart, or Bank of America have mobile apps. But, apps like Uber, Airbnb, and other mobile-based business models have shattered this myth.

Today, roughly 7 billion mobile users worldwide exist. That means, with your business app, you can target billions of global users directly.

If you plan to scale up your business in 2021, you need to hire a dedicated mobile app developer to create your business app. Wondering, why?

Let’s dive into how mobile apps can revolution your business……

Mobile Apps Impact on Business Growth

Over 42% of small businesses already had a mobile app. Around 86% of business owners are looking to hire remote mobile app developers for their business. If that’s not enough reason to hire a dedicated mobile app developer or company, you should hire one because:

Add Value to Your Business

Monopoly isn’t a thing anymore. Today, every business industry is dealing with cutthroat competition. To cope with this situation, you need to offer something unique to your customers. A good mobile app development partner can help you stand out among the crowd. More people can recognize your brand and show interest in it with an app.

If you hire remote mobile app developers to customize your business app, you can:

  • Create a direct channel to communicate with your customers and highlight your services to them.
  • Give a competitive edge to your business.
  • Option to adopt a more human-centric marketing approach.
  • It helps to build a loyal customer base and more.

Unique Experience

Customers get bored pretty easily. They are constantly looking for a unique experience that can make them say ‘Wow.’ With the innovative mobile development approach, you can stimulate your users’ senses in many ways, such as:

Wearable Devices: During the pandemic, wearable medical app downloads have spurred 50%. Here, by integrating your health and fitness app with wearable gadgets, you can enhance the user experience. Not only healthcare apps but other businesses can target wearable devices to impress their users.

M-commerce: In 2020, shoppers spend 82 billion on online shopping. By selling your products or services through the app, you can make your customers shop with one click. Before they even change their mind.

Mobile Controlled Objects: The whole concept of a smart home or office is based on mobile apps. If you connect your products with a mobile app, it can definitely spike users’ interest.

Overall, every business industry can leverage mobile apps to provide a unique experience to its users. You just need to hire a dedicated mobile app developer, and you can easily charm your customers with a hi-tech app.

Build Customer Relationship

A mobile app won’t only help to improve user experience but also helps to build a relationship with them. Through a business app, you can quickly and easily reach your customers. You can retrieve timely feedback and take appropriate actions to satisfy them.

If you have ever downloaded an app from Apple Store or Google Play Store, you must’ve seen all reviews and ratings there. Those reviews are given by real users, allowing app developers to know their users’ candid opinions. Authentic user feedback is a gold mine for businesses that apps can generate effortlessly.

Additionally, push notifications, personalized deals, and fast customer service let you better build a relationship with your customers.

Less Competition

Imagine a person type ‘Best Jeans’ in the search engine; he or she will get an infinite number of links in result. If your company link doesn’t show up on the top, a person won’t make efforts to scroll down. Your potential customers are just going to click on the first or second link. And, we all know ranking number one on Google or any other search engine isn’t easy.

With a mobile app, you can avoid all ranking troubles and directly redirect your customers to your website. In fact, worldwide, 55.4% of consumers have shopped from mobile apps in 2020. By creating an attractive shopping or service app, you can grow your business revenue instantly.

Groundbreaking Marketing Campaigns 

The digital market is a necessity now. No business can thrive without effective marketing. But designing results-driven marketing campaigns isn’t a piece of cake. However, if you hire a dedicated mobile app developer to design a push notification feature-loaded app, you can do marketing in a breeze.

Through push notifications, you can send personalized deals and lucrative discounts directly to your customers. When your customers receive custom promotional messages, they won’t think twice about taking action. Importantly, if you use a multi-channel engagement strategy, you can increase your retention rate by 62%. Yep, one app can market and retain your customers without any hassle.

Want a Custom Mobile App Today? 

After reading the striking impact of mobile apps on business growth, you must be fully pumped to develop your app. Before you go search for the best mobile app development company, think about your requirements first.

If you want a custom app targeting your business model and audience, you need to hire a dedicated mobile app developer. A developer who possesses years of experience and market knowledge. Additionally, who can coordinate with your in-house team to deliver the best results.

At Cloudlabs247, we can help you hire remote mobile app developers with vast industry experience and knowledge. You just have to share your mobile app requirements with our recruiters, and they will select the well-qualified developers from our talent pool accordingly. Further, you can hire a developer for 14 days free prohibition period. Once you are fully satisfied with the services, only then do you have to pay.

So, business leaders, get your business app right now and accelerate your growth in no time.

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