Cost of Hiring Remote App Designers in 2021: Complete Outlook

Cost of Hiring Remote App Designers

Do you know mobile app development and designing are two different things?

If not, remember your mobile app is designed and developed by two different teams where mobile app developers handle all the coding and technical requirements. On the contrary, the designing team manages tasks like research, user experience design, interfaces design, and so on.

That’s means you have to hire remote app designers and developers separately to build a dynamic app. And, obviously, you also have to set a separate budget for mobile app designing and development.

In this post, you can read out all the different aspects of app designing and the cost of hiring remote designers. So, let’s get started, people!

Cost of Hiring Remote Mobile App Designers Based on Design Elements 

As of 2020, around 218 billion mobile apps are downloaded worldwide. In this vast mobile app market, your app can only thrive if all your design elements are simply perfect. So, based on different design elements, hiring designers will cost you as:

  • Research: It is a fundamental design component. In research, three main things are considered — users, common business challenges, and your competitors. For this part, you’ll need to hire a highly experienced remote designer with good technical knowledge. The research part roughly takes 20 to 40 hours to complete, which can cost you anywhere around $2000 or higher.
  • UX design: This is the main app layout structure part. Here specialist designers create a user flow diagram that shows a complete user journey on your app. Before creating the UI, designers often create prototypes into wireframes to test the user interface layout. So, to complete this mammoth task, designers have to spend 40 to 160 hours or more. It is hard to predict the exact UX designing cost, but it starts from around $8000 and goes beyond.
  • UI design: UI design gives a look and feels to your app. This part contains all visual elements like colors, fonts, shapes, etc. For this work, you require a creative and technical designer who can give a unique identity to your brand. UI design takes up around 80 to 320 hours, and accordingly, you have to pay UI designers.

Cost of Hiring Remote Mobile App Designers Based on Country 

Hiring remote designers give you the freedom to leverage global talent and prices. You see, folks, based on the geographic location of app designers, their charges vary.

Using the numbers shared by different agencies on Clutch, we have observed the following difference in designer costs:

In the US, designers charge roughly $150-$200 per hour. That means for 100 hours of mobile app designing work, a remote designer from the US will charge $15,000-$20,000 per 100 hour.

Moving to Germany, the hourly rate will go a little lower to around $50-$100 per hour. However, if you hire remote app designers from Ukraine, it will cost you around $25-$50 per hour.

Thereby, depending upon the country’s economic status, you have to pay for mobile app designing services. Due to this reason, people often hire remote mobile developers and designers to save some money.

Cost of Hiring Custom Remote Mobile App Designers 

If you wish to customize an app layout from scratch, your designing cost will be different. The custom mobile app designing and development has numerous factors that influence the cost, such as:

  • The number of platforms: Similar to Android and iOS mobile app development costs, the designing cost is also different. Plus, if you want to design UI and UX for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Web, or Windows, your designing cost will increase or decrease accordingly.
  • Complexity in functions: If you plan to embed AR, VR, or AI features into your mobile app, this will also impact your designing cost. The simple formula here is the more functionally rich app you create, the bigger paycheck you have to cut.
  • Different interfaces: For many apps, different layouts are designed to meet different requirements. For example, most elearning apps have three different interfaces for children, parents, and teachers. So, if your app also contains different interfaces, designing them separately will cost you more.
  • Level of customization: Every app has different customization requirements, like some just required a basic custom interface, whereas some are designed from scratch. So, it’s common knowledge that the cost of designing will also increase with the customization level.

Exact Cost of Hiring Remote Designers! 

There’s no fixed cost of hiring a mobile app designer. Until you define your designing components, complexity, and customs requirements, no one can tell you the exact app designing cost. Moreover, the way you manage your remote developers and designers also impacts your budget.

Hire Remote Developers

So, we would here recommend you to share your budget and mobile app design requirements with the Cloudlabs247 team, and we will shortly introduce you to the right app designer in your budget. So, get the remote app designer quote today!

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