Python vs. PHP: The Perfect Framework to Build your Website

Python vs. PHP The Perfect Framework to Build your Website

Planning to hire a remote engineer to build your business website?

But can’t decide whether to hire a remote python developer or hire a remote PHP developer?

Then, let’s scroll down and understand between Python and PHP, which is ideal for building a dynamic website.

What’s Python? 

Python is a dedicated web development platform for system scripting and software designing. It was first introduced in 1991 by Guido van Rossum to create an easy syntax creation solution similar to the English language. Today, Python is a high-level language trusted by over 8.2 million developers and data scientists in the world.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Smooth to execute on multiple platforms with the same interface.
  • Python supports high-level coding structures.
  • Facilitates debugging sessions and interactive testing.
  • Quick integration with Java, C, and C++ programming codes.

What’s PHP? 

PHP standards for Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source scripting language. This programming language can create, read, open, edit, and close files on the server. In addition, it can collect data, send and receive cookies, control user access, and so much more. Due to all these amazing features, around 5 million developers are using PHP for web development worldwide.


  • Easy integration with databases like Oracle and MySQL.
  • Simple to write codes than any other scripting language, including ASP and JSP.
  • It is an open-source and free programming language.
  • PHP comes with predefined error reporting constants.
  • It helps to create users’ recent access summary by offering easy logging access.

Should I Hire Remote Python Developers or Hire Remote PHP Developers? 

PHP is a free scripting language, and Python is a high-level language, which makes them both equally great. This, in return, makes it hard for you to decide which remote engineer to hire for your web development projects. So, to clear your confusion, here we present a steep comparison between PHP and Python in the context of web development.

Ease of use 

Let’s first talk about complexity levels as both programming languages have quite nice features in this category. Like PHP and Python, both are object-oriented, highly compatible, and easy to type programming languages, which makes them a great choice to develop websites.

However, there are still some differences, such as PHP is developed for website creation purposes; thus, it has some rigid frameworks. In comparison, Python is a general-purpose language with a flexible syntax that empowers developers to customize websites easily. Also, Python codes are simple to understand and write, just like the English language.


Speed is a highly crucial factor while developing websites, as 53% of users will abandon your website if web pages take longer than three seconds to load. Thus, it is really important for you to select a website development platform that can offer you high speed.

Python’s Just-In-Time compiler makes it quite faster to run a website than other compilers. One of the best things about JIT is once files get compiled, there’s no need to recompile them.

On the contrary, PHP’s earlier versions, like PHP 5.x, were not up to par with speed. But all things changed with the PHP 7.x launch. This PHP version has Zend Engine 3.0, which makes it two times faster than previous PHP versions.

So, if you want to create fast websites, you can hire remote PHP as well as Python developers.


After the performance, security is the most important web development factor. As per the OWASP foundation, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and scripting are vital website security points. Moreover, removing vulnerabilities in the post-development process is a lot more expensive and time-consuming than the pre-development phase.

Since Python and PHP frameworks are open-source, it is common to worry about security vulnerabilities in both. However, Python has more cybersecurity features than PHP. For example, Django has inbuilt security features that help web applications from numerous security threats.

According to some sources, the global government agencies heavily rely upon Python to secure their servers, including the US, Department of Education, CIA, Department of the Navy, and many more.

On the other hand, PHP also has some good security examples, but that’s mostly due to the vast community support. So, if we take a full cybersecurity environment under consideration, Python is stronger than PHP.


The time had gone when a simple content and speed-rich website used to be enough. Today, with an exploration of the digital landscape, users are expecting more versatile and innovative websites. The website loaded with AI and VR technologies are what you need to attract users in this heavily competitive environment.

In this arena, Python is taking the lead right now. It has various advanced libraries compared to PHP that can help you dazzle up your website with numerous functions, such as Natural Language Processing, image processing, and many more.

Using Python, Uber has created Michelangelo PyML, a machine learning platform that helps to make predictions and handle various online and offline operations. Thus, if you want to scale your business with ML or any other progressive language, go and hire remote Python developers.


With your hard work and efforts, when your business grows, you also need a website that can scale with you. But unfortunately, many web development frameworks fail to scale up with your business, which can trouble you a lot.

Here if you are using Python, its AI and ML functionality makes it easier for you to scale up with time and adopt the latest trends. Instagram is the best example of Python’s scalability features here.

On the flip side, PHP is less exposed to the latest trends and scalability. Thus, if you are planning to grow in the future, don’t hire remote PHP developers. 

PHP vs. Python — Which Portal Wins

Drum rolls! Both are winners. Yes, PHP and Python are perfect platforms to build a robust website today. They both are easy to use, read, secure, and high-performing coding frameworks. Therefore, in the end, it depends upon your business requirements and preferences — which developer to hire?

To hire propellant remote engineers mastered in Python and PHP frameworks, you can always visit the CloudLabs247 portal and hire the best web development partner today. So, people, make your choice wisely and hire the right remote engineers only here.

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