Why IT Staff Augmentation Services Ideal for your Company?

Why Staff Augmentation Services Ideal for your Company

Today, the internet has given the power to every company to do business globally. But, businesses have to face numerous IT hiring challenges before becoming global leaders.

According to Harvard Business Review, nearly 50% of companies don’t have the adequate digital skills to hire IT staff. Therefore, many business leaders use staff augmentation services to recognize IT resources and align them with their teams to get maximum results. Here, we’ll have a closure look at why your company needs staff augmentation consulting?

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing method to hire staff according to the company’s staffing needs and objectives. Precisely, IT staffing is the process of hiring a remote IT staff to complete a project.

Often companies fail to find the right IT staff to run their operations, which can cause a huge loss to them. Therefore, it is always good to use IT staff augmentation companies to recruit the right team members.

When you Need Staff Augmentation Services?

Extend your Team: If you have in-house engineers already working on your project, but you want to extend your team, you can use staff augmentation services. You can combine local and remote talent to build a strong team.

A Dedicated Engineer: When you want to hire a dedicated engineer for a specific task, locally you have a scarcity of professionals in the field. In that case, you can extend your search beyond the local boundaries.

Requires Direct Control: You have hired an outsourcing IT company, but they don’t fit your model because you want to directly interact with and control programmers. Then, you should acquire remote developers to ensure they feel like a part of your local team.

Hire Remote Developers

How Can Staff Augmentation Services Help your Company?

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the IT outsourcing industry is projected to reach $410.2 billion by 2027. In the changing work culture, outsourcing services will prevail more dramatically, and you’ll be required the help of IT staff augmentation companies to hire remote staff.

Global Talent Pool 

Local staffing has one major flaw—limited resources. When you are hiring local developers, you have to set for the limited skills or knowledge. With staff augmentation, companies can fill the talent gap and hire highly experienced professionals from anywhere around the world. Furthermore, they can gain access to more suitable and project-specific candidates. Maybe that’s why companies with remote staff have 25% less turnover.

Unrestricted Scalability 

Restricted scalability and flexibility are two other major drawbacks of traditional staffing methods. When you hire a full-time engineer, he or she is going to work for standard hours. Thus, upon sudden changes, your in-house employees are incapable of assisting.

On the contrary, IT staff augmentation companies constantly experience sudden changes. They already have scaled up a team that helps during an urgent situation. When you want to hire a developer immediately, a staff augmentation consulting firm can help you.

Reduced Overhead Costs 

With staff augmentation, companies can reduce long-term commitment costs. They don’t have to provide insurance, tax benefits, travel expenses, and other employment benefits to their remote workers. Remote working can result in $700 billion in national savings. For small and medium-sized companies, IT outsourcing can be a great way to reduce their overhead costs.

Meet Critical Deadlines

Meeting delivery deadlines are essential for every industry, but for the IT industry, it is crucial. With the level of competition and technical advancements, IT companies need staff augmentation services to meet aggressive deadlines without compromising quality.

Remotely, candidates can be hired for short-term projects to complete a big project under a small timeframe. Additionally, when multiple small teams are working on a project, the quality can be improved dramatically, allowing companies to thrive.

Control Over Employees

Many companies hesitate to hire IT outsourcing companies because they don’t want to lose control over their staff. Through staff augmentation, this concern can be easily managed as remote employees are directly controlled by you.

IT staff augmentation companies have no say in how you control or manage your employees. They just have a responsibility to connect you with suitable candidates based on your project requirements. Once you hire an employee and sign a service agreement, you’ll directly work with the employee. You’ll retain full management charge in your hands just like your in-house staff.

Fast Deployment 

Staff can be hired quickly through augmentation methodology, eliminating the intense recruitment process. Without an extensive screening or interview process, you can simply hire a suitable candidate from the highly experienced and qualified professionals pool.

Moreover, when you hire an experienced professional, errors and delays can be reduced, which quickens deployment time. So, staff augmentation can free up companies lots of time that they can use to increase overall workflow efficiency.

Hire Remote Developers

How to Grow with Team Augmentation? 

Select the Right Platform: You should select a staff augmentation partner with a vast developers’ talent pool suiting your requirements. For instance, at Cloudlabs247, we have a dedicated talent pool for Python, iOS, Android, Salesforce, and many other developers.

Professional Recruiters: Your augmentation company must provide professionals who can collaborate with your team to shortlist the best candidates. At Cloudlabs247, you’ll get support from the professional HR/client managers who will constantly work alongside your developers to eradicate all potential misunderstandings.

Free Trial: Not every professional can adjust to your company’s culture. Therefore, your vendor should provide a free trial period so that you can test developers’ abilities before hiring them. We offer a two-week free trial where you can work with developers in real-time before fully hiring them.


Staff augmentation is an effective and convenient method that sustains your company’s performance and output. With staff augmentation, you can save time, money, and numerous hiring liabilities in one go. If your company is ready for staff augmentation, contact our IT staff augmentation consulting team anytime and grow beyond limits.

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