How to Become a Successful Remote Software Engineer?

How to Become a Successful Remote Software Engineer

Do you want to get hired by leading IT companies in the world? Do you wish to work remotely with top business leaders?

If yes, marking your territory in the $1464.4 million worth remote industry isn’t that easy. You have to nurture certain skills and strategies along with your technical capabilities to get hired as a remote software engineer today.

Now, it’s not that hard to be hired as a remote software developer either; you just have to get into the right mindset. And, in this post, you will learn all the skill sets and behavior traits that can help you adopt a successful remote software engineer’s ideology.

Tips to Become a Successful Remote Engineer

The software engineer industry is one of the prominent professional sectors in the world today. As of 2016, around 21 million professional software developers were working in the industry. And, today, with the remote work wave, this number has grown astonishingly that there’s not a fixed data available.

Therefore, becoming a successful remote software engineer isn’t a piece of cake, people. You have to possess numerous skills to grow remotely, except your technical knowledge. So, here are the few skills that every company look for in remote developers:

Self-sufficient Person

At CloudLabs247, we often connect with clients who want to hire self-sufficient remote developers. They want people who require minimal assistance to complete the given job. That’s because companies don’t have time to train a person or provide guidance at every step. The whole purpose of hiring remote engineers is that they are highly experienced and professional, so they can work under minimal guidance.

Therefore, to grow as a remote developer, you have to be a self-sufficient person who can work on his own without any assistance.

Offer Remote-friendly Services  

Today, companies are looking for all types of remote engineers like Javascript, GraphQL, Python (Django), Kubernetes, and so on. However, some technologies are more popular in the remote industry than others.

For example, at CloudLabs247, we facilitate companies to hire remote engineers in six high-demand categories such as Python, PHP, Salesforce, Android, etc. So, you should master skills that are highly demanded in remote engineers to give a boost to your career.

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A Good Team Player  

Being a remote developer, you have the privilege to work from anywhere and anytime. But it doesn’t mean you are working alone. You have to coordinate with different in-house teams and clients to deliver the best results.

Therefore, you need to be a good team player who can understand client’s goals, synchronize with different teams, and so on. Here you might have to reshuffle your schedule to coordinate with your clients. Also, you should share your knowledge and experience with the client’s in-house team to add more value to the project.

Adjust to Time Zone 

The global time difference is one of the biggest challenges for remote engineers. Mostly, companies prefer to interact with their remote developers in real-time so they can address their issues quickly. Therefore, it is crucial for you to adjust your work schedule according to your client’s time zone.

For example, if you are a remote developer working from India with a US-based company, you have to deal with an almost 12 hours time difference. So, you have to set your meetings and other follow-up schedules accordingly.

For remote developers, it is important to have a flexible work schedule, which they can easily adjust to suit clients’ time zone.

Take Feedback Positively  

You are a highly qualified and experienced software engineer, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take feedback from your clients. Getting constant feedback is important for your job. Through feedback, you can learn whether your vision meets your client’s objectives or are you delivering what your clients want from you?

Also, while taking feedback, be open and positive. Don’t take feedback as a criticism or insult to your talent. Just try to understand your clients’ points and also share your expertise with them. Build a repo with your client where you can freely discuss things without any hesitation.

Communicate Frequently  

Communication is key to boost your career remotely. Without proper communication, it will be harder for you to understand your client’s viewpoint and make them understand your perspective. Therefore, establish a proper communication channel to stay connected with your clients. Plus, make sure to have video meetings once in a while with the whole team.

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Work on your Attitude  

Mostly, remote engineers are hired because of their attitude rather than skills. You see, folks, there are many skilled software engineers available around the globe, but there are very limited engineers who have the right attitude for remote work.

We mean an engineer should be willing to grow and learn to make a project successful by attitude. They should understand the company’s culture, goals, objectives, and other core values and then align them with their attitude attributes.

For example, if your client wants to include AR elements into the mobile app but you aren’t familiar with this technology. So, here your attitude should be — willing to learn new skills for your clients.

A good remote worker is always willing to expand his or her skills without any hesitation. In short, be an eager learner to be a successful remote developer.

Seek Professional Guidance  

Guys, working in an office and remotely are two totally different things. It doesn’t matter how technically strong you are; if you can’t adjust to the flexibility, loneliness, and stress of a remote work environment, you can’t grow your career as a remote developer.

So, you should consult professionals or fellow colleagues to help you adjust to this new remote environment. At CloudLabs247, we often share insightful knowledge and offer consultation to our remote developers so they can better work remotely. You can either be part of a remote community like us or consult other remote developers to get some advice.

Pathway to Become a Successful Remote Engineer 

Engineers require the proper skill set, knowledge, and experience to build a successful remote career today. This industry is growing rapidly nowadays. Therefore, to get hired by top business organizations, you have to learn and evolve constantly.

You can be part of the CloudLabs247 talent pool to get the right training and support to become a successful remote team. Plus, we can make sure that you always get hired by the right team.

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