3 Easy Steps to Hire a Salesforce Developer to Scale up your Business

3 Easy Steps to Hire a Salesforce Developer to Scale up your Business

Globally, 150,000+ SMBs and Fortune 500 companies are growing their business on a scalable and secure Salesforce cloud platform. With an umbrella of sales, commerce, marketing, and customer services, many businesses have already boosted their revenue.

However, if you wish to utilize the Salesforce platform to grow your business, you have to hire a Salesforce developer-first who can seamlessly modify a cloud-based portal to meet your business needs. Since Salesforce is still expanding its roots—many companies don’t know how to hire a Salesforce engineer suiting their business needs.

Therefore, we are going to cover the complete ‘Hire Salesforce Developer’ process in the post.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a dedicated cloud-oriented CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that facilitates companies to create custom apps to improve their customer engagement level. Salesforce offers a wide spectrum of commercial software development and CRM related products.

Using the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, developers can efficiently build their apps with third-party integration tools like Lightning Platform, Einstein Analytics, etc. Salesforce developers have a plethora of opportunities to enhance your customer relationship and other marketing strategies—you just need to hire a dedicated Salesforce engineer!

Why Should I Hire a Salesforce Developer? 

Averagely, 88% of Fortune 100 companies using at least one Salesforce app. That means if you want to stand in the league of top global companies, you have to hire proficient Salesforce developers who can help you with:

Implementing and Testing Applications – A Salesforce engineer can lead your software development team and provide multiple services, including coding, maintaining, configuring, installing, testing, scheduling, and creating technical documentation.

Maintaining Customer Workflow – They work closely with your team and perform 360-degree data reviews to build a complex CRM solution to improve your business growth and revenue.

Hire Salesforce Engineers

Creating User Roles and Security – Salesforce engineers maintain user roles and ensure there no security breaches that can put your company’s data at risk.

Offering Technical Plans – Your dedicated Salesforce developers create technical strategies and plans for your IT team and other departments so that complicated business issues can be quickly resolved.

Provide Training – To excel your business efficiency, Salesforce engineers can conduct training workshops and educate your team by identifying gaps in your current organizational system.

How to Hire a Salesforce Engineer — In-house and Remote 

Salesforce lets my company be ahead of the game every time. There is always a new solution that helps us to go one step further, always in a simple manner.” — Edilson A., IT Coordinator, L’Oréal Brazil.

Business leaders acclaim that Salesforce has everything to take their business one step ahead. On the top, nowadays, when you have the option to hire remote Salesforce engineers with ease, it has become accessible for everyone to hire a Salesforce developer and grow their business.

Even the steps to hire in-house and remote Salesforce developers are pretty straightforward:

Job Posting

Foremost, you have to advertise the Salesforce engineer requirement post to invite potential candidates. You can easily post job requirements on portals like Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs, Indeed, and many more in the digital age.

However, if you want personalized hiring services to onboard the best Salesforce engineer targeting your business requirements, sites like CloudLabs247, Arc, Toptal, and others can help you.

Additionally, companies have the option to use social media accounts, job boards and even can create career page on their company’s website to hire competent Salesforce developers.

Technical Screening

Once you have received applicants for the Salesforce developer role, you have to technically screen them. To test applicants’ technical competency, you might need to conduct multiple technical exams to test their strengths and weaknesses. It is quite a time-consuming process to find a highly technical person out of the large applicant pool.

Therefore, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of testing each candidate, you can use our talent pool. We have already tested numerous Salesforce engineers around the globe and handpicked the best ones. So, you can just hire a Salesforce developer from our team and save your precious time.

Personal Interview and Trial Period 

After the intense technical screening process, you should conduct personal interviews with each shortlisted applicant—physically or virtually. In this round, you can access communication, personality, and other relevant skills.

Hire Salesforce Engineers

The shortlisted candidates after the personal interview should be hired for the prohibition period so you can check whether they can meet your real time expectations or not. Like, we offer two weeks free trial so that you can ensure whether your hired Salesforce engineer can work under your company culture or not.

Hire Now!

If you want to grow your business and establish a good relationship with your customers, you should hire a Salesforce developer and customize your various business solutions. To hire competent and professional remote Salesforce engineers, you should visit CloudLabs247 and find the best Salesforce experts within a few clicks.

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