The Best Way to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers in 2021—Freelancer vs. Agency vs. Remote Developers

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As of June 2020, 2.9 million Android apps and 4.36 million iOS apps were available in the respective app stores. In this, if you want to develop your business Android or iOS app, you have to be technically innovative with your idea.

Once you hire dedicated mobile app developers to build a groundbreaking mobile application, you can seamlessly capture the huge market share with your app. But, the process to hire a dedicated Android app developer or iOS developer isn’t that easy.

Today, companies have three options ahead of them to find the best mobile app developers—Individual Freelancers, Mobile App Development Agencies, and Remote Developers. All these methods have different pros and cons that can confuse you a lot while hiring dedicated mobile app developers. So, let’s try to clear some confusion and figure out the best way to hire mobile developers in 2021.

Who is a Good Mobile App Developer?

1 of 5 users abandons the mobile app after using it once. Thus, you need to hire dedicated mobile app developers who can compel users to visit your app again and again. For that, your remote developer must possess the following traits:

  • Efficient work approach—knows what customers want and how to deliver it?
  • Foresightedness—how to make a futuristic mobile app?
  • Teamwork—a skilled developer, can coordinate with different a large team and can even lead a team.
  • Technical proficiency—a master of all the leading iOS and Android app development technologies like Java, Swift, C++, etc.
  • User-centric approach—an app should be designed keeping the user’s experience and usability in mind.
  • Good communicator—remote mobile developers have to be a good communicator and multilingual.
  • Cross-platform development— always hire remote mobile app developers who can develop apps across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Web, etc.

The Best Way to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

 Today, you have three brilliant methods to hire remote mobile app developers to build an awesome app, such as:

1. Freelance App Developers

A freelancer is an individual developer whom you can hire by posting a job requirement on social media, online job sites, or other mediums. Usually, freelancers are hired for a particular task, such as when you want to develop an iPhone app, you can hire a remote iOS developer for it.


  • One Task: When you hire a dedicated Android app developer as a freelancer, he or she can only help you with Android app development. If you need iOS or quality assurance development services, you need to hire a new freelancer, which will be more expensive and time-consuming.
  • Intense Screening Process: Once you post a requirement to hire a remote iOS developer online, you’ll receive numerous freelancers’ responses. Now, it takes a lot of time to review each freelancer’s profile, portfolio, and individual interview.
  • Slow Conversion Rate: Usually, freelancers work alone, so they can only take up a certain number of projects at one time. Therefore, sometimes you have to wait for a long time to develop your mobile app from the best freelancers.

2. Mobile App Development Agencies

When you have a complex project, you can consider hiring a remote mobile app development agency. This is a way where you hire a company to develop your mobile app, but remotely. They have a complete team including iOS, Android, hybrid, and QA developers. With an agency, you can let go of your management troubles and focus on growing your business.


  • Communication: Remote mobile app companies have a corporate work environment where you have to follow a systematic structure to communicate with the developers. Mainly, companies appoint a project manager who communicates between you and the developers’ team, which can slow down the communication process.
  • Strong Management: The mobile app development companies offer robust management that helps in meeting project deadlines. But, this lacks personal touch; once you have finalized the service contract with the company, they are going to abide by it only. That means if you want to make any changes in the project, it isn’t possible.
  • Not Direct Control over Developers: You can’t directly control app developers because they aren’t your employees. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can only share your feedback with the project managers. Next, it’s up to them how they encourage developers to provide better outcomes. You have nothing to say in the matter.

3. Remote Developers

When you want to hire remote mobile app developers without losing control or too many management troubles, you can hire dedicated mobile app developers from platforms like Cloudlabs247. This method allows companies to hire highly qualified remote mobile app developers without going through the intense screening process.

You can simply share your mobile app requirements with our recruitment managers, and they will shortlist the best candidates to select from.

Imagine you want to develop an Android gaming app; you just have to share your app’s technical and company’s cultural details with our managers. They will analyze your requirements and select suitable candidates from our mobile app developers bank based on your requirements. Now, you can easily hire a dedicated Android mobile app developer and manage as your employee.


  • Certified Developers: Remote developer companies have certified and qualified developers teams from where you can easily hire the best engineers.
  • Trial Period: Under the Freelancer and Outsourcing Company module, you can’t hire a developer on a free trial period to practically test their skills. But, remote developer hiring portals offer a free trial period before paying to the developers; as at Cloudlabs247, we offer a two-week free trial period.
  • Quick Hiring Process: When you want to quickly hire a remote iOS developer, you can instantly drop your request on our website, and our recruitment experts will immediately follow it.

Bottom Line

All the methods to hire remote mobile app developers are great, but hiring from the remote developer platforms is the best. We aren’t saying that because Cloudlabs247 has the best mobile app developers team; we are saying because it is a cost-effective, competent, and reliable method to hire dedicated mobile app developers! Now, the rest is up to you.

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