Hire Remote Engineers Guide 101: Easily Hire Qualified Engineers & Grow your Business

Hire Remote Engineers

You can hire remote engineers and simply grow your business!

Many people may not agree with this statement because they think software engineers’ work is highly technical and analytical, so it can’t be managed remotely.

Developers’ and engineers’ work is indeed very complex, but today’s technological advancement made it possible to work from anywhere.

Won’t it impact productivity?

No, according to FlexJobs survey, 66% of the respondents said their productivity improved when they don’t work in an office. And 76% said there are lesser distractions while working outside of offices.

So, when you hire remote developers, you can actually improve your business’s productivity and growth along with numerous other benefits. If you are already looking for remote developers to hire for your next project, wait for a second and first learn a way to hire qualified remote engineers through this guide.

Why Should You Hire Remote Engineers?

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.” – Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is known among the geniuses who can anticipate changing trends before the first strike. And in his statement, he had clearly stated companies that won’t provide ‘flexibility’ to their employees couldn’t beat the future heat of competition. And remote work culture is another name of flexibility.

Many big companies have already given remote work flexibility to their engineers, including CloudBeds, Dataiku, PartnerCentric, GitLab, Hotjar, HubSpot, Fuse, and more. All these companies have already given flexible work culture to their engineers, so they have a head start then you!

So, you need to quickly understand why you should hire remote engineers and developers to stay ahead of the competition –

To Hire The Best Developers –

Developers Skills Report 2019 revealed that 41% of employers face a talent shortage issue while hiring developers. And when they have to hire niche-specific developers, the issue gets even intense, especially when they have to compete with big companies to hire legacy developers.

In the remote system, you have no geographical restrictions to hire developers. You have a global talent pool in front of you to recruit the best developers as per your desire.

To Save Money –

The cost of hiring an in-house software developer can be anywhere between $82K to $180K per year. Additionally, you have to invest in infrastructure to accommodate your developers, such as computers, office space, furniture, and even have to pay many bills.

On the contrary, if you hire remote developers, you can save up to $11,000 per individual yearly. Now, which one you prefer—remote or in-house developer?

To Avoid Visa Troubles –

Around 500,000 H1-B visa holders are working in the IT sector. Nearly 20% of the American IT workforce is on H1-B. And now, with the changed rules of visas, it has become very hard for small IT companies to hire talented employees from across the globe.

Thanks to the availability of remote developers for hire, IT companies can take leverage from the international talent pool—without going through visa hassles.

To Provide Job Satisfaction –

When your engineers aren’t motivated to work hard, they can’t benefit your company. As per a recent Stable’s study, 90% of workers indicated that work flexibility would improve their morale. Eventually, when your developers are motivated and contented in their role, it will also boost employee retention and satisfaction rate.

To Hire Experts –

Today, around 4.8 million independent workers are working in the US IT space. These people are highly experienced and masters of their trades. But, they don’t want to restrict themselves to a place as they call themselves Digital Nomads.

If you wish to utilize the niche-specific engineers’ services, there are only a handful of them available. And the majority of them prefer to work independently or remotely.


5 Steps to Hire Remote Engineers on Cloudlabs247 Quickly

Between LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed, more than 12,000 remote software job requirements are posted yearly. That means if you are wondering, the remote work industry has less talent acquisition competition than your mistaken.

On the other hand, in a recent Stack Overflow survey, 89,000 developers participated, out of which 45% work remotely. Both statistics show that the number of remote software engineer jobs and applicants for them—is very high.

Today, if you post a remote software engineer job on portals like LinkedIn or Facebook, you’ll end up with a large number of applicants, but only a few of them are actually suitable for your job. However, to hire an ideal remote developer, you have to spend long hours screening, shortlisting, and interviewing various candidates, which is very time-consuming.

5 Steps to Hire Remote Engineers on Cloudlabs247 Quickly

Thus, when you want to hire ex-Google, Über, or Facebook developers with one click, you need a trusted partner like Cloudlabs247. We have simplified the process to hire remote developers on our portal –

Step 1. Share your Requirements

Once you open the Cloudlabs247 website, you’ll find multiple service heads, including python, team augmented, salesforce, etc. As per your requirements, you have to pick the service and enter information about your brand.

Step 2. Schedule a Call

You don’t have to screen hundreds of candidates on our portal. No, you just have to schedule a call with our experts, and they’ll note down all your requirements. And then, based on your information, they’ll select the best suitable engineers from our handpicked talent pool. Our talent pool contains some of the competent engineers and developers who have passed our multilayered tests and interviews with flying colors.

Step 3. Review Shortlisted Profiles

Next, you simply have to review all the shortlisted candidates as per your requirements and make the tough decisions of hiring an engineer. The decision is going to be very hard for you because our team will only shortlist the best of the best engineers. So, be prepared!

Step 4. Take Two-Weeks Free Trial

If you wish to hire remote engineers after practically accessing their skills, we have a two weeks risk-free trial available. You can evaluate remote engineers’ work ethics, culture, strategies, and personality for two weeks. And only when you are fully satisfied you can put our engineers on payroll.

Step 5. Constant Feedback and Inputs

Our recruitment experts never leave your side. Throughout the trial period, we constantly provide feedback and inputs to ensure that your remote recruitment process becomes simple. Maybe that’s why we have maintained a long-term relationship with each client.

5 Tips to Hire Remote Developers

At Cloudlabs247, we have super-simplified the remote developers for the hiring process. But, if you still want to quickly hire the best developers from our portal, do consider the following things –

Clearly Define your Needs

We can only help if you exactly know what you want. Foremost, identity your development needs and then start looking for the engineers. Also, your development requirements help you in deciding how skilled and experienced engineer you required.

For instance, if you are hiring an engineer to develop your B2B Android mobile app, you have to define—structure, design, development platforms, etc. Once you know your project requirements, you can quickly shortlist suitable candidates.

Be Open with Developer

You might have hired a remote developer, but you have to share your company’s values and secrets with him or her. The experts can only help you when they have first-hand knowledge about your company.

Consider your developer like a lawyer. The way lawyers can only help you when you share the truth with them; similarly, your remote engineers can provide competent services only when you share all development secrets with them.

Streamline Communication Process

Communication is the biggest remote work hurdle. Due to different time zones, work schedules, and language barriers, it becomes hard to collaborate remotely.

To streamline the communication process, you should draft a communication plan with your remote engineers. From the communication tools to time, you need to decide minute communication details with your engineers. Additionally, you should streamline communication between your internal and remote team to get maximum results.

Timeline Roadmap

You need to clearly state project timelines with your remote team from the very beginning. You should set a realistic timeline after consulting with your remote engineers. While working remotely, you have to consider local culture so that if any festivals fall during the working project, you can anticipate delays.

Be Open-Minded

When you are getting a professional on board, you need to keep your mind and let him or her make some changes. If you don’t offer experts’ flexibility, they can’t enrich your project with their knowledge and experience. Give room to your remote engineers to make some modifications to enhance the feasibility of your project.


Let’s Hire Remote Engineers Today!

With Cloudlabs247, you can start hiring high caliber and experienced engineers right now. Just five steps, and you can scale up your project and boost your business growth smoothly. To find the perfect software engineer who can take your project to the next level, visit our portal immediately.

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