Top 10 Platforms to Hire Remote Developers in 2022

Top 10 Platforms to Hire Remote Developers

Gartner forecasted that 51% of global workers would become remote by the end of 2022.

Gallup says 86% of computer-based jobs will remain remote even after the pandemic.

Own Labs’ study states that remote workers are more productive and happier.

In short, every study or research is today indicating that remote work is the new way to work. Plus, remote workers are more productive, efficient, and experienced than office workers.

Therefore, if you are already looking to hire remote developers today to give a boost to your business, you — my friend, are already on the right track.

You here simply now need to find the best remote engineers, and you are all set to excel. The best 10 remote developers hiring platforms in 2022 are already listed below to make the remote hiring process smoother for you. So, let’s hire competent remote developers today!

Perfect 10 Platforms to Hire Remote Engineers in 2022

To hire talented, experienced, and remote professional developers for your company, you can use the following platforms in 2022:

Hire Remote Developers

1. CloudLabs247

CloudLabs247 is a prime spot to hire dedicated mobile app developers, website developers, and other software engineers. The best thing about this platform it isn’t like any other online job portal where you have to advertise a job and then screen through thousands of candidates.

It is a professional recruitment site where only highly experienced Google, Facebook, or Microsoft developers are present. You simply have to share your requirements with CloudLabs247, and they will connect you with the best suitable remote developers. So, without any interviewing or advertising hassle, you can hire fitting remote developers for your company.


  • CloudLabs247 offers a 2-weeks free trial period to work with the engineers and only pays once you are fully satisfied with the hire.
  • After an intense screening and testing process, the platform selects the remote engineers that can only be passed by ex-Google, Amazon, or Facebook developers.
  • You can hire proficient developers possessing different skills here like Python, PHP, Database, Team Augmentation, and more.

2. Supersourcing

Supersourcing is an efficient platform to hire IT experts at a fixed rate. The platform helps you find the best-in-class remote developers for short and long-term projects. It is a good platform for small IT agencies to hire remote developers across different verticals like eCommerce, finance, healthcare, education, and more.


  • Provides a 360-degree holistic recruitment process to hire experienced remote developers.
  • Supersourcing has a three-step hiring process — post a job, get matched with verified IT agencies, and select the suitable agencies.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a popular remote and freelance workers hiring portal. There are over 70+ job categories, and skilled workers are enlisted. Here, you have to first post your project requirements and receive proposals from different candidates. The only problem with Upwork is it takes time and lots of effort to check all the applications, interview candidates and then hire suitable remote developers.


  • Over 1500 IT professionals are registered on Upwork.
  • You can receive numerous applications within a few minutes.
  • Every individual is rated and reviewed on Upwork, making it easier for you to select the high-standard remote engineers.


Like Upwork, has a pool of talented freelancers across multiple categories. The website has more than 27,000 job categories, including software developers, iOS engineers, and so on. You have to post your requirements and then shortlist the candidates from a wide range of candidates.


  • Allows real-time chat with freelancers.
  • Milestone payment system.
  • You can hire remote developers on an hourly or fixed price basis.

5. Toptal

Toptal is a marketplace where you can find developers, designers, product managers, finance experts, and many other professionals. The platform allows enterprises to hire remote developers for different projects like mobile app development, product development, and more.


  • Toptal already has a wide pool of talented developers like Cloudlabs247. Here Toptal hiring test is claimed to be passed by 3% of remote developers and Cloudlabs247 by only 1%.
  • Toptal hiring process includes — talking to expert recruiters, getting matched with suitable developers within 24 hours, and a trial period.

6. Arc

This is another exclusive platform to hire remote developers in 2022. They have a pool of pre-vetted remote developers who had passed the Silicon Valley-caliber interview process. So, you can quickly find high-quality remote engineers from the listed candidates on the platform.


  • Arc talent pool includes ex-Google, PhDs, and other high-level professionals.
  • It has an extensive network of open-source contributors, Stack Overflow answers, Codementor community, and more.

7. Fiverr

It is a freelancers’ hub with professionals across all the leading domains, including developers and music composers. However, you can easily find highly reviewed and rated professionals in programming and software development on Fiverr.


  • They have simplified the remote hiring process for enterprises.
  • Companies can find remote developers based on their deadlines and goals.
  • Simple and secure payment system.

8. Starkflow

Starkflow allows companies to hire SaaS talent quickly. The platform handles payments, payroll, and all accounting work for the companies, so you can just focus on hiring remote developers.


  • Starkflow offers one week trial to test the engineers under actual circumstances.
  • Simple hiring process — share your requirements and get matched with the right developers in no time.


This platform isn’t like other outsourcing platforms. It is basically a community of startup projects. Here they take care of everything for you — from reviewing resumes to referral checks. fully takes over the remote recruitment process to reduce your workload.


  • Helps to find remote developers within 24 hours.
  • Zero-risk replacement guarantee.
  • Custom assistance to find the right match.

10. Engineerbabu

Engineerbabu is a new platform that helps enterprises and startups to find tech projects at the earliest. It can save companies time, cost, and effort to hire highly qualified IT engineers. They have a pool of 250+ engineers with high-tech skills that you can take leverage from.


  • Engineerbabu has completed over 975+ projects, 484+ satisfied clients, and 60+ high-rated reviews.
  • It helps you find specialized project managers with faster execution and optimized cost.
  • Offers comprehensive solutions to hire remote developers like legal, taxes, attrition, replacement, and more.

Hire Remote Developers

Parting Thoughts

There you go, companies. There are many freelancing and outsourcing platforms available for you to hire highly competent remote engineers. You can explore any of the top 10 remote recruitment platforms to hire the best candidates for your company.

If you want a personalized and professional remote hiring process, you can consult the CloudLabs247 team anytime.

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